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標題: Wholesale Jerseys USA affecting young children.To save Persaud’s right eye [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1pmU    時間: 6 天前 00:22     標題: Wholesale Jerseys USA affecting young children.To save Persaud’s right eye

Roraima Airways has announced that it will be offering return flights to little Omkar Persaud,Wholesale Jerseys China, who has cancer in his eye, and his mother, Casandra to Cuba for the urgent medical treatment that is needed to save the toddler’sGouveia meets with the toddler and his mother.eye sight.The company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Capt. Gerald Gouveia,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, recently met with the child’s mother and discussed how he planned to assist the family. He also expressed best wishes for successful treatment and a speedy recovery.“I was made aware of the situation only recently and am pleased to contribute to the recovery and improvement of the child’s eyesight and overall good health… It is amazing to know how many Guyanese reached out to help in whatever way they could,” Gouveia said.The toddler’s mother happily accepted the offer and thanked the company for their timely and much needed assistance.The toddler’s family also expressed gratitude to SHEA, a US-based charity which played a significant role in assisting them.When the organization learnt of little Persaud’s case, it collaborated with Shri Devi Mandir Global Humanitarian Foundation to give him a second chance.Together with the foundation,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the organization was able to raise the full amount needed for the treatment in less than five days via GoFundMe online.Little Persaud is diagnosed with retinoblastoma in the right eye. His left eye has already been removed after being infected with the same disease.Retinoblastoma is a rare malignant tumour of the retina,NFL Jerseys China, affecting young children.To save Persaud’s right eye,Cheap Jerseys, urgent treatment is needed including intra ocular and systemic chemotherapy and local cryotherapy. The treatment is not available in Guyana, hence,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the two-year-old needs to go to Cuba.A local hospital referred him to a tertiary eye care plus cancer centre in that country for the specialized treatment, as he is on a high risk of not only losing the right eye and becoming blind but also having an intracranial spread.

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