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– citizens urged to prepare for more floodsAs more heavy rains are expected, the Ministry of Public Works has started a one week operation to unclog and clean some of the major trenches in Central Georgetown.The project commenced yesterday and was led by Project Engineer,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Mr. Khiraj Bisesar  The engineer noted that whilst this operation falls directly under the leadership of the Mayor and City Council,NBA Jerseys China, the Ministry of Public Works found it necessary to respond to this problem as the Council is failing to carry out its basic duties.Work being done to bring to one of the outfall.He said, “The rainfall we had on Wednesday last was the most intense shower we ever had in a six-hour period. Based on this, the Ministry of Public Works has decided that immediate works on the drains need to be done. It is high time the drains are cleaned because heavy showers are expected over the next couple of days. This work is being done to bring relief to certain areas and outfall channels within South Ruimveldt, Lodge, Albouystown, Charlestown, Central Georgetown and Queenstown are listed for cleaning.”The engineer added that some drains were literally covered with garbage and he was appalled by the fact that City Hall has made no effort thus far to bring relief to certain areas.While excessive amounts of garbage were removed from the drains yesterday, Bisesar said that quite a number of outfalls are heavily silted, especially those at Princes Street,Wholesale China Jerseys, Ruimveldt and Laing Avenue and that special work programmes will be launched to address these challenging areas.He said,Jerseys From China, “We came in with a dredge and we had to end up changing our methodology because the cutter blades of the dredge were being clogged up with old tyres and pieces of wood and iron that were in the outfalls. So we had to bring in excavators to help cart away the debris.”“We were also unable to properly desilt the Ruimveldt outfall because we discovered that one of the silt gates was not working.”Meanwhile,Jerseys NFL Cheap, other engineers on site expressed that the work is long overdue and that both Government and City Hall are to be blamed for the floods at this time.One engineer who spoke with this publication said, “There are other important drains which require immediate cleaning and they are not listed under this project which has started. How much sense does it make to clean one trench and not clean another important one? You are cleaning the Ruimveldt drain but not the one at Sussex Street? Why is it that the Government always wait until this time of the year to put engineers under the pressure of fixing and cleaning drains and fixing pumps because they fail to take the precautionary methods? Why must we face the heat and be placed under pressure?”“It is time that the government and City Hall stop this foolishness and slack behavior and deal with the drainage problem once and for all. If we don’t we will only be experiencing this problem year after year. “Meanwhile the Ministry of Agriculture has informed that the Hydromet Office has recorded rains of intensity between 12 to 20 mm per hour over the Atlantic and if this persists, the flooding that occurred on Wednesday last may occur again.According to the Ministry,Cheap Jerseys From China, the intensity of the rainfall remains highly abnormal and they are cautioning all citizens, especially those along the coast and Georgetown to take the necessary measures to guard against possible floods.

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