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18-year-old Leon Duncan,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, of Lot 1977 Williamstaad Road,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, Festival City, was yesterday remanded to prison for allegedly snatching a chain from a mini bus conductress. It is alleged that the accused, on September 5, snatched the chain from Debra McPherson.When acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson-Ogle asked the virtual complainant if she had anything to say, the woman told the court that on the day in question,NFL Jerseys Supply, the defendant and another man were passengers of the route 41 bus on which she works.She explained that as Duncan and his friends were about to exist the bus,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, he (Duncan) snatched her chain. The virtual complainant said that she grabbed on to Duncan,China Jerseys Cheap, but the two men managed to escape.The virtual complainant said that she saw the accused a few days ago, and he was subsequently arrested and placed before the courts.Duncan’s mother was present in the court and asked the magistrate if the matter would be resolved if she reimbursed the woman.The magistrate,Cheap Jerseys Store, at this point, asked the VC if she would like the matter to end, she replied in the affirmative. The accused was ordered to pay the value of the chain, which is $75,000 by next Tuesday.

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