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標題: Cheap NBA Jerseys China who had headed the Turkeyen Masjid [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1pmU    時間: 7 天前 20:59     標題: Cheap NBA Jerseys China who had headed the Turkeyen Masjid

Embattled Imam Neezam Ali, who is currently before the court for sexual molestation charges,Wholesale Jerseys China, hasEmbattled Imam Neezam Alibeen charged with two similar offences.Yesterday, Ali appeared at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Alex Moore where he was charged with sexual penetration of two boys below the age of 12. The acts were allegedly committed while he was in a position of trust, being a religious teacher and knew or could be reasonably expected to have known of the trust in relation to the boys.However,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, the accused was granted bail in the sum of $200,Discount NFL Jerseys,000 on each charge. The Imam is expected to return to court on April 17.Many sections of the community as well as civil rights organisations have been calling on the authorities to institute the charges.Initially,Wholesale Jerseys, the Imam,Cheap Jerseys 2018, who had headed the Turkeyen Masjid, was charged with sexual penetration of three boys all below the ages of 12. He was remanded but subsequently granted bail.In early January the matter was made public after an anonymous tip was given to the Child Protection Agency. The tip was investigated and it was subsequently alleged that three brothers all under the age of 12 were sexually penetrated. After weeks of no charges being laid against the Imam,Jerseys Wholesale, the Director of Public Prosecution Shalimar Hack distanced herself from the matter after allegations surfaced of her interference. Eventually the charges were instituted and the Imam was remanded to prison on his first appearance.

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