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作者: yueyrt1pmU    時間: 2018-4-16 21:06     標題: Soccer Jerseys China 23

Policeman Antonio Singh Balroop,China NFL Jerseys, 23, of 5 Reliance Settlement, East Canje Berbice who was caught with 17 grams of marijuana at the home of a remand prisoner,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, was on Tuesday remanded to prison when he appeared before magistrate Omeyana Hamilton at the Reliance Magistrate Court.He pleaded not guilty to being in possession of 17 grams of Marijuana for the purpose of Trafficking.Balroop was allegedly found in the home of now captured wanted man who was held with a cache of high powered weapons in Adelphi, Canje.Prosecutor Corporal Roberto Figueira told the court that around noon on December 3,NFL Jerseys China, last, a party of policemen was in the Adelphi area on an anti crime patrol when they visited a certain home at Adelphi Village,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, East Canje.Upon arriving at the premises they noticed a black bag, upon checking the bag a quantity of Leaves, seeds and stems of the marijuana plant was found inside.Singh’s national ID Card along with other articles belonging to him,Cheap NFL Jerseys, were also inside the bag. The policeman subsequently admitted that the bag was his. He was immediately taken into custody and charged.In court the prosecutor asked that bail be refused due to the nature and gravity of the offence and that he is not a serving member of the force.Attorney at Law Mursaline Bacchus, appearing for the accused, told the court that his client should be granted bail on the grounds that the 17 grams is only two grams above the limit in which bail could be granted.Bacchus also asked the prosecution if there is any document to show that his client s no longer a member of the force. The prosecutor answered in the affirmative,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, but stated that he does not have the document at hand.The magistrate refused bail and fixed the next date for December 29.

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