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作者: yueyrt1pmU    時間: 2018-4-16 19:59     標題: Wholesale NFL Jerseys China and told Dr. Briggs that “

– Guyana ups surveillance at bordersA mysterious illness in neighbouring Venezuela has so far killed a total of thirty-eight (38) Indigenous people. The deaths are said to have occurred only in a specific tribe called the Warrau.The Venezuelan authorities are still to ascertain the source of the disease, but some researchers are of the belief that it may have been the result of a rabies infection from bats.Symptoms include fever, malaise, thirst and tingling in the feet, followed by gradual paralysis, convulsions and stupor, and finally death.All of these symptoms are usually associated with rabies. The persons that have been killed are said to be from the northeastern Venezuelan state of Delta Amacuro, which is a close province to Guyana.Speaking with Kaieteur News yesterday,Wholesale Jerseys, Health Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy said that his ministry has received a report of the mysterious illness and, as such, Guyana has tightened its surveillance at the borders between Guyana and Venezuela.He noted that, so far,Wholesale Jerseys USA, the disease has not been reported in Guyana, but explained that strict monitoring is being done by the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), of outlying regions, especially Region One( Barima Waini).Minister Ramsammy stated that, to date, Venezuela has not officially informed Guyana of the mystery disease, as stipulated in the National Health Regulations.Reports indicate that international medical experts,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, following a recent visit to the neighbouring country, filed a complaint of the problem to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples in Venezuela.This newspaper understands that,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, following the complaint, the Warao community was promised mosquito nets and hammocks to help ward off the bites of the lethal bats, but this was never done.Dr. Clara Briggs,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, a medical researcher with the team that developed the multidisciplinary study on the case of the Warrau deaths,Cheap NFL Jerseys, said that the Venezuelan authorities have not even planned a shipment of rabies vaccines to the Lower Delta.Dr. Briggs claimed that she was threatened by the Director of Epidemiology of Tucupita municipality, Antonio Pérez Díaz, who warned her to “take care of herself” and told Dr. Briggs that “an investigation would be open against her because of the publication of the report.”

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