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Mark Anthony August Annandale electrocution… An Annandale Railway Embankment resident is to face a manslaughter charge, which stems from last Sunday’s electrocution of eight-year-old Mark Anthony August.The charge was instituted against the man,NFL Jerseys China, on whose house the wire which caused August’s death was attached.A post mortem examination was performed on August’s body yesterday and it revealed that he died as a result of being electrocuted.The lad met his demise around midday Sunday after he came into contact with a wire that was illegally connected to a Guyana Power and Light Inc. power line. The wire ran for several yards underground before passing over a canal and then to Williams’s house on the Annandale Railway Embankment.The eight-year-old was attempting to cross the shallow canal on his way to take a swim when he came into contact with the wire.Mohan Gildarie Persaud, the dead lad’s father, had claimed that on several occasions, persons who observed the wire would remove it or call the GPL, but as soon as the way was clear, the homeowner would replace it.Several other residents supported his contention.“Is not one time, is not two time,Wholesale China Jerseys, is not three time people talking bout dis current wire out hey. If is not dat side, he bring it round dis side or he bring it in de trench. Dat is wrong, you can’t do dem ting. Dem ting gat fuh done out hey,” another resident had remarked.The Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL) in a subsequent statement stated that the incident highlighted the enormous challenge the company faces from determined electricity thieves.The power company said that neither its appeals nor raids,Air Max 98 Sale, arrests and prosecution of hundreds, have served to reduce the prevalence of electricity theft.The homeowner is the second person in little over a month to face the court in connection with the electrocution of a person.Last month, a Melanie Damishana homeowner was charged with manslaughter following the electrocution of 16-year-old Leandrew Davis, who went to retrieve a football and came into contact with a fence that was reportedly wired.******************************“Karia Karia” murder …..Two persons in custody One of the two persons in custody for the murder of businessman John Paul has reportedly been positively identified as one of the men who stormed into his business premises last Wednesday night.Paul was shot during a scuffle with a group of three men who attacked his home around 20:30 hrs on Wednesday after pretending that they were purchasing fuel from him.He was shot to the abdomen and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Suddie Hospital.Kaieteur News understands that the suspect who goes by the alias of “Baby” was picked out by a close relative of the dead man yesterday. He is presently being detained at the Anna Regina Police Station.The relative,Wholesale Jerseys, according to sources, has given the police a sworn statement. Paul’s wife,NFL Jerseys China, Sahodra Persaud, had stated that on the day in question she was in the upper flat of her home when she heard a boat pulling up close to a landing in her yard. One of the men stayed in the boat, while two others emerged and enquired from the businessman if he had any fuel.The men after gaining access to the house demanded that the couple hand over their valuables. The woman said that it was after intruder who was guarding her left, and joined his colleagues in the house, that she tried to escapeShe said her husband made a desperate attempt to grab a cutlass,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, and she then heard a single gunshot followed by a few seconds of silence.Persaud said she ran to the back of the house and hid behind a fowl pen while the men ransacked her home in search of valuables and several minutes later she heard the men beating her husband as he lay on the steps. Investigations are still continuing into the matter.

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