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標題: Wholesale Nike Air Max 97 and Rose Hall Town — were given extra attention [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1pmU    時間: 2018-2-13 22:17     標題: Wholesale Nike Air Max 97 and Rose Hall Town — were given extra attention

NEW AMSTERDAM, BERBICE – Region Six is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to minimize flooding.According to Chairman Zulfikar Mustapha, the administration expended $95 million for Capital Works on the drainage and irrigation sector. This was supported by frequent maintenance in some sections.He is optimistic that with the rigid work programme executed this year on that sector, fewer areas would be affected during the rainy season.The Regional Administration is also focusing its attention on draining the housing area.Several sections of East Berbice/Corentyne are known to be prone to flooding. These areas – Nigg, Belvedere, Albion,Nike Air Max 95 Sale, Number Nineteen,China Jerseys, New Amsterdam, Port Mourant,Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, Whim and, and Rose Hall Town — were given extra attention, he claimed.The general structure in East Berbice/Corentyne is designed to allow for the drainage of one and a half inches of water within a 24-hour period.Mr. Mustapha said that a $5 million sluice was constructed along with an outfall channel in the Albion area. Both were funded by the Regional Administration to drain excess water from the Nigg, Belvedere, and the Albion locations.According to him, about 25 years ago a sluice was built there but this can no longer handle the volume.Three 48-inch drainage tubes were placed in the Albion community to protect the western section – Albion Front, Chesney, Kilcoy and, Albion High Reef. These would drain directly into the Albion Outfall..A permanent drainage pump was installed at the Whim Outfall Channel and this is to complement the system within the Whim/Auchlyne locations.In the Number Nineteen district,Air Max 90 Black And White Mens, an independent outfall channel was built at a cost of $12 million. Another is to be constructed by the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority through the Ministry of Agriculture to drain excess water from the community directly into the Atlantic Ocean.This Bid is now at the National Procurement Board and the contract would be shortly awarded so that the project can be completed before the actual rainy season begins.This area is also serviced by the Seawell Sluice and a hydro flow pump.Fyrish/Gibraltar is also known for its ability to accommodate excess water. The Borlam Sluice and Outfall Channel are now back in operation after some $8 million was pumped into it and this would also assist those in the Fyrish/Gibraltar neighbourhood.A permanent pump is also located here to back up this Borlam sluice. A section of the Number Nineteen is also to release water in the Borlam area where a canal was recently excavated between Number Nineteen and Borlam.The residents of Albion/Port Mourant – Block Four, Tain, John’s, Miss Phoebe and Hampshire are all to derive benefits from the new drainage structure placed at Miss Phoebe. This project carries an $8 million price tag.Rose Hall Town has a permanent drainage pump which was placed earlier this year.Drainage and irrigation workers had to be deployed to clear out the entire system and make way for the water to flow from the internal drainage system to the main canals.At Black Bush Polder there are three pumps at the major outfall channels – Adventure,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Eversham and Number Forty-three/Joppa.In East Canje,Wholesale Jerseys China, the Pepper Sluice at Cumberland Village was reactivated and the Rose Hall Estate Sluice in Canje is also back in operation.In West Canje and East Bank Berbice all the drainage systems are said to be up and running. Some restoration work was executed on some structures recently. No major work was done in New Amsterdam.The Chairman is appealing to persons to desist from discarding plastic and Styrofoam containers in the drainage system. This he said is one of the main contributing factors of flooding.

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