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Despite talks of a close relationship with the Working People’s Alliance (WAP) and earlier admissions of the holding of joint public meetings to “strategize”, People’s Progressive Party’s General Secretary, Clement James Rohee denied knowing of any intention on the part of the combined Opposition to overthrow the then governing People’s National Congress (PNC).Clement RoheeIn fact, the politician is of the opinion that the WPA and PPP in those days had joined forces to work solely for the freedom of the people.These views were shared by the party’s General Secretary under intense cross-examination as the Commission of Inquiry (COI) set up to get to the bottom of political advocate, Dr. Walter Rodney’s death, continued yesterday.Dr. Rodney, a scholar, social activist and co-founder of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) was killed in an explosion on June 13, 1980.Rohee had previously testified that the political figure had been the victim of state-sponsored terrorism and that the period 1978 – 1980 was one which saw members of both the PPP and WPA being kept under close surveillance by the members of the Special Branch of the Guyana Police Force.He had earlier testified too that his party’s supporters made calls to take action against the pressures of the Government and that they had considered taking up arms.The now Minister of Home Affairs had previously painted a disheartening image of the economic situation prevailing in the country during the 1978 – 1980 period. He had pointedly said that the economy was a total disaster as a result of the policies of the then governing party.The long standing PPP member had told tales of a politically oppressed nation; distancing his party from the practices of that time.When he returned for cross-examination yesterday, Basil Williams, the attorney representing the PNC suggested to Rohee,Wholesale Jerseys, that the government of the day was following a socialist pattern but the Minister stated that his party didn’t agree with the social form that the PNC had adopted.Williams said that one of the principles was taking the commanding rights of the economy through which the Government would nationalize certain important industries in the country that were foreign-owned.The lawyer suggested to Rohee that the PPP offered critical support to the policies of the then government of the day. He said that meant his party supported what they then considered to be the progressive policies of the then government but were critical of many other policies and methodologies in which those ‘progressive policies’ were carried out.“We had no control as the opposition party over the decision-making process…the manner in which it was carried out. We had views that were different from the government.”Rohee said that between 1976 and 1978, the economy began to decline and as that happened, certain social, political and economical policies developed in the country. He said that it was around that time that Dr. Rodney “appeared on the scene”.He said the declining economy resulted in the changes in policies.Rohee explained that overtime, people felt the locals were being exploited by foreign expatriates but when the local “bureaucratic and parasitic bourgeoisie” took over, it was found that the industries were not being properly run, and the amount of monies that was being pumped into the industries were not giving the necessary results and monies were being siphoned off from these industries to pay for things like the Guyana National Service and other paramilitary groups that existed at that time.Rohee said that the state siphoned off huge sums to build and grow towards the militarization of the economy and that the State trying for cooperative socialism was a failure.The Minister went on to describe a country plagued by nepotism. He said in order for anyone to land a job in any state enterprise you had to have some sort of political connection; “party card” or be in some way associated with the main functionaries in a state enterprise or ministry.Rohee said too that based on the high level of political influence those already employed could not be promoted. He claimed that the practices at the time “didn’t gel with the whole philosophy of socialism.”Williams grilled Rohee on whether the decision and execution of nationalization received critical support from the PPP at the time.To this, the Minister said that when his party analyzed the steps being taken to nationalize bauxite and sugar primarily and to bring it under the control of the State, they recognised that as a policy measure the PPP should have supported it.Rohee admitted, however, that when things “changed,” his party never sought to formally withdraw their support.The General Secretary claimed,cheap nfl jerseys, however, that during the period, the party had engaged in talks with the PNC but after the budget was presented the party noted with displeasure that “certain demands” put forward were excluded from the budget.He said large sums were allocated for military and paramilitary organisations, which the PPP opposed publically. Rohee said afterwards their critical support “went up in smoke”. But they never formally withdrew it.Rohee said they supported nationalization.Williams suggested that the long lines and shortages of food and foreign exchange in those days, was a result of the political parties agreed policy of nationalization. But, at this point,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Rohee disagreed.The PNC lawyer asked whether the WPA was the leading opposition force, but Rohee didn’t agree. He denied too that the WPA dominated the space of the opposition during the period under review.Asked whether his party joined forces with the WPA to overthrow the Government, Rohee claimed that his party had instead joined in a “common struggle.”Williams asked whether that meant to get rid of the Government, but Rohee said they joined to promote the livelihood of the people. He was questioned too on whether his party could have had a motive in the death of Rodney, but the Minister claimed he wasn’t aware of such.Rohee was of the opinion that the opposition had no agreement to remove the government of the day.Confronted about reports from the Special Branch about the presence of Cuban spies in Guyana and the hierarchy of the PPP being in full knowledge of the move,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Rohee claimed he had no knowledge of such.During his cross examination, Williams referred to several reports of the Special Branch which spoke of plans to overthrow the government but Rohee claimed that the Special Branch could “write anything.”Williams suggested too that Rohee initially had no intention to testify, but when the theory emerged that the PPP could have had a hand in Rodney’s death, he opted to testify. But Rohee insisted that he came only to “speak the truth.”He contested being a witness of convenience.Asked whether the PPP was concerned that the WPA was encroaching on their support base,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, Rohee said “its rubbish, total rubbish,Cheap Jerseys From China,” much to the amusement of the civilians gathered to listen to the proceedings.Rohee told the Commission that there were tactical differences between the PPP and WPA but they managed to “work them out.” Williams asked Rohee whether he knew of WPA talks of a violent overthrow, Rohee said no.Re-examined by assistant lead counsel of the COI, Latchmie Rahamat, the Minister explained why he rejected the notion that his party had any involvement in Rodney’s death.According to the PPP official, when Rodney returned to Guyana, the WPA leader and Dr. Cheddi Jagan, who led the PPP at the time, had a “bond” and their relationship grew based on their political and philosophical positions.“The fact that these two individuals were meeting regularly to have discussions, the fact that those discussions eventually manifested themselves in collaboration and cooperation between the two parties on different levels at public meetings and so forth, was a manifestation of the growing cooperation between the two parties.”He said that the fact that the two leaders sought to ensure that the tactical differences that existed between the two parties were minimized to such an extent that it didn’t overflow into any antagonistic or discordant relations between the two, were grounds sufficient enough to show that the PPP could not have been implicated in any type of physical or other means of threat to Dr. Rodney.Rohee said any notion that his party was involved was misconceived, misplaced and has no foundation.Rohee claimed that their basis was to work together for the freedom of the people.The Minister has completed his evidence. The public hearing will continue today and Holland Yearwood is slated to take the stand.

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