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作者: yueyrt1pmU    時間: 2017-11-15 00:54     標題: Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys the Constable

The Guyana Police Force is currently investigating an incident in which a Lance Corporal gunbutted a colleague on Saturday night on the Kitty Seawall. Kaieteur News was told that the 25-year old Constable was assaulted by the Lance Corporal who accused him of lighting ‘squibs’.According to a source,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, the Constable (name given) was on the seawall with his girlfriend,Cheap NHL Jerseys, brother and several other friends watching the Diwali Motorcade on Saturday night when the Lance Corporal approached him.The injured ranThis newspaper understands that the Lance Corporal asked the Constable whether he was lighting “squibs”; the constable answered in the negative. However,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the Lance Corporal apparently was not pleased with the answer and he pulled out a gun and began beating the young rank in his head. Persons who had accompanied the young policeman on the seawall tried to intervene but were prevented. “He was waving the gun around so nobody could get in,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,’ one eyewitness told Kaieteur News. Other persons began pleading with the Lance Corporal to take the injured man to the hospital since he was bleeding from the head. But instead of being taken to the hospital,cheap jerseys, the injured rank was taken to the Kitty Police Station,NHL Ice Hockey Jerseys, where he had to wait for about an hour before he was actually taken for medical attention. It was while he was at the Kitty Station that a senior officer confirmed that the injured man was indeed a member of the Guyana Police Force.

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